Hotel with restaurant near Dolomites

If you are planning to visit and explore the Dolomites, Pieve di Cadore is the ideal starting point for you.

The historic capital of Cadore is a town known and renowned for being the gateway to the Belluno Dolomites and is distinguished by its wealth of history and art.


Hotel with restaurant in Pieve di Cadore


For your stay in the Belluno Dolomites, choose a hotel with restaurant near Dolomites. Hotel Belvedere Dolomiti, in Cadore style and overlooking Lake Cadore, also has a convenient restaurant within walking distance with a wide food and wine selection.

Starting with fresh, seasonal, and quality products, you can discover local specialties, savoring the taste of mountain cuisine.

Plan your mountain vacation, without giving up the taste of good food. Choose Hotel Belvedere Dolomiti, hotel with restaurant near Dolomites!


Hotel with restaurant near Dolomites 


If you want to immerse yourself in the mountain climate of the Dolomites, savoring its typical cuisine, Hotel Belvedere Dolomiti, a hotel with restaurant near Dolomites, is the solution for you.

The hotel's restaurant is just a short walk from the hotel and presents a varied menu that will let you discover the typical flavors of the area. You will be able to enjoy traditional and international dishes, made from high quality, km 0 raw materials.

Choose Hotel Belvedere Dolomiti, your Cadore-style hotel on Lake Cadore.